Model: UY180

Price: negotiable

Color: Black/Silver

Dimension: 155mm×90mm×50mm


Model selection reference

Model Battery type Max charge voltage Constant charge current
UY180-XF1208 12V lifepo4 battery 14.6V 8A
UY180-XM1208 12V Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2 16.8V 8A
UY180-XA1208 12V lead acid battry 14.7V 8A
UY180-XF2406 24V lifep4 battery 29.2V 6A
UY180-XM2406 24V  Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2 29.4V 6A
UY180-XA2406 24V Lead acid battery 29.4V 6A
UY180-XF3604 36V lifepo4 battery 43.8V 4A
UY180-XM3604 36V  Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2 42V 4A
UY180-XA3604 36V lead acid battery 44.1V 4A
UY180-XF4803 48V lifepo4 battery 58.4V 3A
UY180-XM4803 48V  Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2 54.6V 3A
UY180-XA4803 48V lead acid battery 58.8V 3A


Model instruction:

UY180 Charger accept customized, user can type the following examples indicate charger model rule on the order. Take “UY180-WiF4803” as an example

UY180: Max output power is 180W.

W: “X” showed in above table which indicate the input voltage range of charger. Three option,  W indicate AC 110-220v wide voltage input; H indicate AC 220V input; L indicate AC 110V input.

F: This letter indicate charge voltage of single cell , three options, F indicate 3.65V( lifepo4 battery), M indicate 4.2V(Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2), A indicate Lead acid battery which need float charge.

48 indicate the rated voltage of  battery is 48V.

03 indicate constant charge current is 3A.


This series charger apply for all kinds of lithium ion battery and lead acid battery. This charger is portable, high efficient ,stable, and stable. With auto-float charge function, which could balance the battery self-discharge loss.

This series charger widely apply for E-bike, Unicycle, Balance car   Electronic tool,  electronic equipment and UPS etc cycle charge.

Technical parameter;

Input voltage :W: 100Vac ~ 120Vac    200Vac ~ 240Vac  45~65Hz

H:  200Vac ~ 240Vac   45~65Hz

L: 100Vac ~ 120Vac   45~65Hz

Charging efficiency: ≥80% (full load)

Output ripple voltage:≤250mV

Charging method: constant current- constant voltage-trickle

floating charge)

Working temperature: -5℃~ +40℃

Storage temperature: -40℃~ +70℃

Protection feature;

Output over voltage protection: charger will be in standby protection state if output voltage is over setting max voltage.

Output current protection: charger will be in standby state if output current is over setting max current.

Output short circuit protection: when positive and negative of output port of charger short circuit,  charger will be in protection state, it will resume after troubleshooting

Battery reverse protection: fuse wire fusing if positive and negative  of output port of charger connect with positive and negative of battery by reverse .  It will resume after new fuse connect by correct way.