Electric vehicle batteries to be divided into seasonal maintenance

Ride the electric car knows, the battery is the only source of power electric vehicles. But many owners of electric vehicles in use for some time, you will find far less battery electric vehicles when bought through use. Sometimes the owners are very confused, obviously in accordance with the instructions and guidelines clerk said to be charged, how the battery’s storage capacity is decreased it?


In fact, the charging of electric vehicles in addition to pay attention to some of the usual precautions, but in different seasons have to take a different maintenance methods. I believe that many female friends all know, we have to change with the seasons to maintain our skin, winter is painted some more oil skin care products, in the summer to use some replenishment. In fact, battery electric vehicles is the same in different seasons, we have to choose a different approach to its maintenance, in order to allow a longer battery life.


In the summer, many areas of high temperature and rainy, which the car battery is a great harm. We should note at this time maintenance of our electric car. First, the electric car parked in the shade of the best, try to avoid prolonged direct sunlight. Battery temperature is too high brake pressure increase limit pressure is automatically turned on, causing the battery excessive water loss, a direct result of this is the result of reduced activity of the battery. Prolonged heat exposure, damage caused by electric cars will be more serious. Secondly, the charging time must pay attention to. Best choice in the cool of the night to recharge. Because the day is too hot. The average time in eight hours in enough, if more than this time will continue to charge the battery fever, loss of water, causing the battery’s activity. Third, we should regularly check the electric car. If you could travel three kilometers of electric vehicles with only one kilometer no electricity, it is likely that the battery has been damaged, in time to repair for repair and prevent damage to the battery continues irreparable proportions.


In winter, we should make some changes and maintenance methods. Because the winter when the temperature is low, the air is relatively dry. So many owners that are found in the winter when the battery can easily be used up. We in the winter maintenance of the battery first point to note is that the car battery to be used with the charge, in time the battery is full, long-term loss of electricity use will shorten the lifespan of electric vehicles. But also pay attention to the charging, charging time not too long, usually seventy-eight hours on it. Charging the ambient temperature is preferably about 25 degrees Celsius, it is best to charge indoors. Second, in the uphill time, we’d better not load too heavy items, start the electric car thing or two with his foot pedal assist it. Straight downhill or when not to use the brakes frequently. In addition, the electric car if long-term idle, but also guarantee at least once a month its battery charge and discharge.