7Series lithium battery Protection Circuit Module


DLS07A07B-01F20A This specification applies to the 7Series lithium  battery Protection Circuit Module. Products are RoHS compliant.

With over charge function, over discharge function, over current protection, short circuit protection, temperature function, charging balance management function and so on.

  1. Feature

Apply seiko solution which is IC A grade protection

With strong loaded, constant discharging current is 20A, MOSFET with high stand voltage and low conduction internal independence. Cooling fin effect is good。

IC have power balancing function, current could be adjusted by improve the MOSFET。

Over charge protection, over discharge protection, typical voltage detection method.Over current, short circuit protection, short circuit protection performance is stable and reliable, long time load short circuit will not affect the protection board and electric core

Temperature protection during charge and discharge。

Temperature drift is tiny, the accuracy is 1% high power package  detection resistance。

Extremely low power consumption, the whole machine consumes less than 50uA。

PCBA surface with high corrosion resistance, high permeability, high impedance coating ESD paint three.

The direct series combination of 7 supported multi compound lithium power battery。


4.Characteristic(li-ion battery)

Detailed contents Specification Unit Remark
Discharge Constant discharge current 20 A
instant  discharge current 45 A
Charge charge voltage 29.4 V
charge current 10 MAX A
Over charge protection over charge voltage 4.3±0.5 V
over charge protect delay 0.5 S
Over charge release voltage 4.1±0.05 V
Power balance


Power balance detect voltage 4.18 V
Power balance release voltage 4.18 V
Power balance current 35 mA
Over discharge protection Over discharge detect voltage 2.5±0.1 V
Over discharge detect delay 0.5 S
Over discharge release voltage 2.9±0.1 V
Over current protect Over current detect voltage 150±15 mV
Over current detect delay 9 MS
Over current protect current 45±5 A
Over current protect release condition Off-load
Short circuit protect Short circuit protect condition outside load  shor circuit
Short circuit detect delay 250 uS
Short circuit protect release condition Off-load
Temperature protect Temperature protection 60
Internal insistance The main circuit conduction resistance ≤10
Consumable Working current ≤50 uA
Sleep current(battery over discharge) ≤10 uA
Working temperature Temperature rang -30/+80



5.Interface definition



B- is connected to the negative terminal of the battery pack

C-:is connected to the charger negative .

P-is connected to negative terminal of load

CN1:cell voltage detect terminal。

Sampling line 450MM,AWG24

6 Operation:

6.1:The connecting sequence of the electrical core is: first, then B-, and then connected with the cell voltage detection terminal, and the reverse sequence is removed.。

6.2:Cell voltage detection terminal use spacing of 2.0 cable connection, the cN1 1 foot for B-, the second foot B1, the tripod for B2, followed by analogy, 8 feet to B +

6.3:Battery voltage detection lines using a standard cable, B-, P-, C- need according to the continuous discharge and the charging current to the size of the selection of suitable diameter of wire

6.4:After the battery and protective board is connected, the voltage between C- and B+ is measured, if measured

The voltage is equal to the total voltage of the battery pack, indicating that the protection board has been working properly.

Note: BMS is connected to the cell, or from the battery pack, must follow the above order, such as not in accordance with the requirements of the order of operations, will damage the components of the protection board, causing serious consequences.

7.Dimension:63*32*10mm(including cooling fin )