Model: TCN-120-42V3A

Price: negotiable

Color: Black

Dimension: 167.8X77X40.5mm



This series charger apply for all kinds of lithium ion battery and lead acid battery. This charger is portable, high efficient ,stable, and stable. With auto-float charge function, which could balance the battery self-discharge loss.

This series charger widely apply for E-bike, Unicycle, Balance car   Electronic tool,  electronic equipment and UPS etc cycle charge. With auto-float charge function, which could balance the battery self-discharge loss.


Model instruction:

Charger accept customized, user can type the following examples indicate charger model rule on the order. Take ” TCN-120-42V3A” as an example;

F: This letter indicate charge voltage of single cell , three options, F indicate 3.65V( lifepo4 battery), M indicate 4.2V(Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2), A indicate Lead acid battery which need float charge

“48” indicate the rated voltage of  battery is 48V.

03 indicate constant charge current is 3A

 Technical parameter;

Input voltage: 85Vac ~ 265Vac 45~65Hz

Charging efficiency: ≥80% (full load)

Output ripple voltage:≤250mV

Charging method: constant current- constant voltage-trickle

floating charge)

Working temperature: -5℃~ +40℃

Storage temperature: -40℃~ +70℃

Protection feature;

I.Output over voltage protection: charger will be in standby protection state if output voltage is over setting max voltage.

II.Output current protection: charger will be in standby state if output current is over setting max current.

III.Output short circuit protection: when positive and negative of output port of charger short circuit,  charger will be in protection state, it will resume after troubleshooting

IV.   Battery reverse protection: fuse wire fusing if positive and negative  of output port of charger connect with positive and negative of battery by reverse .  It will resume after new fuse connect by correct way.

Model selection reference

Model Battery type Max charge voltage Constant charge current
TCNF1206 12V lifepo4 battery 14.6V 6A
TCNM1206 12V Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2 16.8V 6A
TCNA1206 12V lead acid battry 14.7V 6A
TCNF2403 24V lifep4 battery 29.2V 3A
TCNM2403 24V  Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2 29.4V 3A
TCNA2404 24V Lead acid battery 29.4V 3A
TCNF3602 36V lifepo4 battery 43.8V 2A
TCNM3602 36V  Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2 42V 2A
TCNA3602 36V lead acid battery 44.1V 2A
TCNF4802 48V lifepo4 battery 58.4V 2A
TCNM4802 48V  Li-NiCoMn or Li-MnO2 54.6V 2A
TCNA4802 48V lead acid battery 58.8V 2A